Monday, 4 May 2015

Stay Happy!

It is not at all necessary that we always stay happy.
Just as a car can go off track if the driver is not attentive and wouldn't be able to bring itself back on track even on a straight road, our mind too can go off track and create complicated, depressing thought patterns. The trick to happiness is to be constantly aware of our thought process to keep realigning ourselves to the road of happiness.
As a saying goes--- happiness is not a destination or something to achieve, it is a path to be. Happiness doesn't mean there is no sadness, disappointment, hurt or pain, rather it is a more wholesome state where despite our negative experiences we are more centered and at peace.
If we have a positive image of ourselves which says we are lovable and okay as we are, we can be happy and joyful on our own. A healthy relationship with the self is a key factor in staying happy.