Friday, 21 November 2014

"Don't Fall For Guilt-Laden Traps"

Making others feel guilty is a serious hobby for some people. So better stop feeling guilty for everything. You don't need to feel sorry about everything. So i have listed somethings that you shouldn't feel guilty about:

Feeling moody: Maybe you like being alone or maybe you are going through some stuff. Maybe you have control over your own shits unlike others. You don't have to be at your sunny best every day and for everybody.
Food Choices: There's no better way of saying this, but people who make you feel bad about the amount of food or dessert you consume are not worth hanging out with. If you enjoy eating them then that’s all that matters for you. You shouldn’t let feelings of guilt drive what you eat.
Compliment yourself: Yes, you love yourself and what's wrong with that ? If you don't compliment yourself, who will ? So make sure to compliment yourself everyday. The smallest of compliments can change the mood of an entire day.
Your flaws:So what if you’ve got a crooked nose or big ears. They’re what make you a unique person, without those hings you wouldn't be you. So stop being unhappy with yourself , you are perfect. Be confident with who are.
Being single: Yes you're SINGLE because you don't need significant other to be happy. You are alone, not necessarily lonely. Maybe You're single out of choice, not because no one wants you.
Being in relationship: No, this is not a crime. If you want to be with someone, you can. It's your life. So, if anyone comments on it, just ignore because sometimes you learn great things from a good relationship.
Missing a friend's birthday: We are not computers and it's okay to miss birthdays. So, if you forget to wish a friend or attend their party, do not beat yourself up about it. No harm done. As long as you make up for it later.
Staying inside on a beautiful day: Turn a deaf ear to those who give you hell about sitting on the couch all day long, watching a marathon of your favorite TV shows or reading a book.
Being Lazy: Yes, we are lazy at times. So what ? "Laziness is the mother of  all bad habits but ultimately she's a mother and we  should respect her". So the state of my room is not an invitation for you to rant about my bleak future.
Spending money on things you like: "Money can't buy love but it can buy stuffs and I love stuffs"And it can buy happiness too. There, we said it ! Yes, you'll probably need to scrimp for the next two weeks (or two years, depending on what you splurged on), but if the big buy gives you joy, go for it.
Career Goals: "Set your career goals high and don't stop until you get there", so don’t judge your career goals on what other folks say, and don’t change them out of a sense of guilt. Do your own research, and pick whatever feels right to you.
Sleeping long: "Sleep is the best meditation"Sleep is a bliss. It makes us happy and stress free. So never underestimate the power of a good nap.
Blocking someone on FB or WhatsApp: We get the pest control to remove bugs from our house, so why not from our lives ? It's as simple as that. No explanations required.

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